What is Katalon Studio? An Introduction

What is Katalon Studio

What is Katalon Studio? An Introduction

Katalon Studio is one of the most known tools for automated testing. Testing engineers are becoming keener on using it for its multiple features and low-code approach. Katalon is used for testing Web interfaces, Windows desktop, mobile apps (on both IOS and Android), and APIs. It also provides recording options and analysis reports.

Our automation experts at Q-Pros regard Katalon as a must-have to implement automated tests and integrate them within other testing channels and teams.

In this article, we will give an overview of Katalon, its features, and integrated software.

What is Katalon Studio?

Katalon Studio is an automation testing software designed to build and reprocess automated tests for UI without code dependency. It was initially released in 2015 with a Selenium framework.

Katalon Studio is an all-in-one platform for web, mobile, desktop, and API automated testing. Katalon is a low-code platform with integrated options to speed up SDLS processes.

Is Katalon Studio open source?

Katalon is not an open-source framework, but it is free and can be used to provide automated solutions for front-end web and mobile applications

Katalon Studio Features

Here is a list of some important Katalon Studio features:

Web Testing –

Katalon grants its users complete web testing solutions with inbuilt continuous delivery and continuous integration that is fully aligned with DevOps integrations. It offers an object spy utility to capture objects and examine their properties in detail. Native Katalon plugins integrate with bug tracking/project management tools like JIRA, Git, and Jenkins.

API Testing –

Unlike the market leader Selenium, Katalon allows you to test API without any additional integrations. With Katalon, testers can automate scripts, perform code inspection, and code snipping and debugging. Katalon guarantees a bigger coverage of test data by supporting all kinds of requests and cloud-sourced data like XLS, XML, and REST, SOPA 1.1/1.2 requests.

Mobile Testing –

Katalon offers a mobile testing experience that involves mobile Web, IOS, and Android apps, as well as hybrid apps. Tests can be performed locally or remotely with actual devices or simulators. The module also allows testing engineers to detect and store data providing a well-structured process that is easy to track back to on long-term projects.

Desktop Testing –

Katalon supports apps written on the following platforms: Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Classic Windows (Win32).

Katalon’s features for desktops are Spy Windows Objects and Record Windows Action.

Katalon TestOps –

TestOps is a web-based application that integrates both tests and DevOps frameworks. It offers test planning features, test execution, and project management. It also integrates with CI/CD tools and other testing platforms.

TestOps gives a full 360 scan of all testing activities, creating test reports and monitoring for testing quality. Katalon TestOps takes screenshots, videos, and test results and displays them as KPIs on its dashboard.

Katalium –

Kataluim feature is an open-source framework that offers a blueprint for test automation projects based on TestNG and Selenium. It streamlines building test cases and improves the user experience on Selenium Grid.

Katalon Studio Integrations

Katalon offers native integrations that makes it easier to work with common QA related tools.

Here is a list of Katalon integrations:

  • CI/CD: Azure DevOps, Jenkins, GitHub, Gitlab, Circle CI, CodeMagic, etc.
  • ALM: Azure DevOps, Jira, Xray, qTest, TestRail, etc.
  • Cross Browser Testing: BrowserStack, SauceLabs, Selenium Grid, etc.
  • Testing platforms: Selenium, Selenium IDE, Postman, etc.
  • Source code management: Atlassian Bitbucket, AWSCodeCommit, GitHub, etc.

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Katalon vs Selenium

Used for Used on Mobile, Desktop, Web Applications Web Applications
Difficulty Easy to use with a dual interface More Difficult
Browser options Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera Chrome, Safari, Firefox
KeywordsIncludes Built in keywords, and offers costume made keywords No built-in keyword options
Reporting Provides repots for recordings No reporting
Speed and processing Fast Faster than Katalon

In Conclusion

Katalon is good for both small-scale projects and big projects. It is a perfect choice for both individuals and companies as it offers a constantly evolving ecosystem of useful tools.

It also comes with a wide list of native integrations to facilitate implementing all kinds of needed tests, including API testing.

Q-Pros relies on Katalon, and we make sure our testing engineers are Katalon experts.

This guides our QA specialties to guarantee excellent and accurate results for our clients.

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