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About Us & What We Do

Quality Professionals (Q-Pros) is a leading independent software QA and testing service provider.

Our Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) has greatly helped us in industrializing the testing process to deliver higher quality at lower cost.

Quality Professionals (Q-Pros) is your trusted partner for expert software testing services. With a focus on ensuring the reliability and performance of software applications, our dedicated team of seasoned experts specializes in meticulous software testing processes.

QA Consulting

Our quality consultants use our proven methodology to define and build a tailored QA Framework based on the gap analysis findings. The QA framework helps enhance and control quality factors in all software deliverables.

Software Testing Services

We are a one-stop shop for all types of software testing. Our test engineers use manual and automation techniques to ensure 100% coverage of your application’s functional and non-functional requirements.

Standards & Guidelines

Our quality consultants help our clients to achieve their goals and requirements to be certified by international buddies and implement best practices.

Our Domain of Expertise

With more than a decade of continuous growth we have successfully worked with many prestigious clients across different industries to help verify and validate the quality of their systems and applications using manual and automation testing tools over various types of development technologies and platforms.

We have helped our clients promote quality deliver defect-free software cut rework costs and increase end-users satisfaction.

  • Government

  • Oil & Gas

  • Finance

  • Telecom

  • eCommerce

Test Automation Vendors & Partners

We have been using top-ranking test automation tools from market leading vendors and partners worldwide.

Given our unique experience and specialization in the field of software QA, we have established and continuously improved Quality Assurance Framework for our clients.

Our qualified Test Architects use the following methodology to define and build a tailored framework that is fit-for-use.

Phase 1

Analyze & Assess

Phase 2

Plan & Build

Phase 3

Apply & Monitor

Phase 4

Measure & Improve

System Testing (Blackbox)

The main functional testing technique. In which our testing experts help you evaluate the system's compliance with its specifications. Our services range from web, mobile to desktop, where our well-versed testing experts test and verify all technical and business specifications quickly. We take all the responsibility to ensure that our client's applications are structurally and functionally perform well.

Integration Testing (Graybox)

One of the functional testing techniques in which we validate the application’s internal/external components and how those components interface with one another leads to better quality results. Our test engineers ensure efficient integration services to clients on projects of various sizes and complexity. Our experts are well familiar with examining interfaces and dataflow between many segments, detecting an error, and reporting them before it becomes a colossal disaster for business.

Mobile Testing

Q-Pros is a leading Software Testing Company with considerable testing expertise, particularly in mobile testing. Our highly experienced professionals do specific functionality checks to ensure the applications work flawlessly across variousmobiledevices. Our systematic and dynamic processes ensure that your application is ready with low risk.

Omnichannel Testing

Omnichannel Testing is quite popular nowadays and has become the essence of the business-driven initiative across companies.

One of the functional testing techniques in which our test experts test against any loss of continuity when customers move from one channel to another. We also validate user journeys start in one channel and can continue in other available channels with consistent experience.

Error-handling Testing

One of the functional testing techniques in which our testing experts execute all test cases created and flagged under ‘unexpected scenario’ because the lack of handling validation and unexpected errors affect usability.

Regression Testing

Being familiar with the latest tools we never let you struggle with software errors. Our regression testing expert’s techniques and tools easily find the effects of modified codes on the functionality of the software and help you to get a bug-free application in the changing operating environment.

BAU Testing

Business-As-Usual Testing enables the testers to identify some enhancements, minor patches, and changes once the application is released to the production phase. BAU testing specialists at Quality Professionals pick up the defects that were hidden and were impossible to find during other testing types.


User Acceptance Testing ensures the compatibility of software applications in real-world scenarios by being functionally tested through actual software users. Our UAT experts give confidence to fully tested software with all industry standards.

Usability testing

To meet the user expectations our testing experts proceed with this non-functional testing technique. Our top usability testing covers both web and mobile versions of applications where we evaluate the targeted user’s perspective and then compare it with the real functioning to find out the gap. This performed testing can assist in saving the product from failure in the development cycle.

Compatibility Testing

Our quality assurance professionals are pros in determining the compatibility of software solutions by analyzing a variety of parameters. At Quality Professionals we verify the compatibility of your application with browser, software, hardware, networks, mobile operating systems, or mobile device models and don’t miss any before its release.

Localization Testing

Connect with our great specialists and get defect-free localization testing. It enables our customers to test the product’s quality in a specific region or zone. Our well-versed techniques test user interface, language, date, time, and sequence at the local area that serves the bug-free application at the end.

Personalization Testing

Make your customer’s experience better by adapting our first-class personalization testing. Our right personalization can increase the conversion rate by offering different or relevant site versions to your different visitors.

Compliance Testing

Our testing certifications help in offering advanced compliance testing to our clients. Before releasing the product or software into production, we thoroughly determine whether it meets the prescribed standards or not. Gets your product into the market within the time frame and in a professional manner with the assistance of our quick and reliable compliance testing.

Performance Evaluation

Our performance evaluation testing identifies the bottlenecking, poor scalability, software configuration issues, and insufficient hardware resource to eliminate the poor performance completely. This testing type checks how well the software is running. And here the main objective is not to find the bugs but to eliminate bottlenecks.

Load & Stress Testing

Quality professionals have hands-on experience in load and stress testing. With this testing, our testing specialists discover the exact functionality of software under the maximum load or stress. It assists in uncovering the instabilities that can be faced at the time of high traffic or users.

Security Testing

Protect your software’s information and confidential data with our high-tech security testing. Our security testing has a major focus on the security of system software, network, server-side applications, and client-side applications. We assure our clients that their application is free from any kind of threats and risks that can save them from a heavy loss.

Our Testing Process

quality assurance framework icon

Our test process depends mainly on the type of testing engagement. Testing requests coming from our managed service contracts (dedicated team) is different from those which comes through to our TCoE. Hence, the initial stage helps us to define the scope and accordingly finalize the estimation. Once approved by the client, this stage can also finalize the planning before moving into the test design stage.

Test Design stage starts once the scope and estimation have been accepted by the client. At this stage, our test architects design the best way to validate the application in scope and have it ready for test execution.

Our test engineers will execute all types of functional and non-functional testing in scope as per the plan using manual and automation tools to ensure full validation coverage.

Using QPros reporting tools, our representative reports the testing results and also helps the client to understand the results from technical and business prespectives. This stage is considered engagement closure.

We apply comprehensive validation for mobile apps.

Our Company testing specialists use various mobile app testing techniques to ensure full validation coverage for your mobile application so it works smoothly and securely for the end-users.

App Start/Stop

Power consumption

App Install/Uninstall

Notifications & Device Settings

Screen Sizes

Location & geofencing

Key press


Multiple network compatibility

Call Disruption

Offline mode

and more.

performance testing in software testing
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Our software quality assurance engineer like to share high-level information about some of our work and testing strategies.