QA Roles: What is a QA Engineer

What is a QA Engineer

QA Roles: What is a QA Engineer

Quality assurance involves a barrage of roles and job opportunities, and one of the most common career choices in the field of QA must be that of a QA engineer. In this article, we will talk about quality engineers, definition, objective, and daily duties.

According to forbes list of happiest jobs, Quality assurance related jobs top the charts in term of happiness and growth, so we at Q-Pros would like to introduce some of the roles and career paths one can take to be involved in QA and software testing.

QA Engineers: Definition

A QA Engineer is a professional expert who oversees tracking and fixing bugs before releasing the product. QA engineers collaborate with developers to produce ways to fix problems.

Quality Engineers are strategists, they align with product managers to produce ways to better enhance the production phase and assure a defect-free system that is in line with business requirements.

Quality control engineers work ahead of time to make sure that efficient requirements are set and are clear to every stakeholder, and they would assure certain complexities are resolved before wasting any effort.

Once everything is set in the initial phases and planning, QA engineers would cooperate with team members and leaders, guaranteeing everyone is equipped with proper resources and training.

Daily Duties of QA Engineers

QA Engineers have the most exciting daily duties. They work on multiple levels and partner with many stakeholders and developers.

Here is a list of the daily expected duties of QA Engineers:

Designing Tests – To begin with, QA Engineers would design tests, underlining potential issues, and work in accordance with requirements to produce scenarios to test the product. QA engineers could also highlight the causes of defects.

Test Execution – The next step would be to conduct the designed tests and document the results. One important aspect here is to deliver the results to the stakeholders.

Analyzing Tests – Moving forward, a QA engineer would oversee analyzing test results, making sure to document everything so unexpected outcomes would not occur in the future. This part seals the deal to guarantee that problems are resolved completely.

Improve testing – One important task done by QA Engineers is enhancing tests and producing new innovative ways to modify the QA process.

QA Engineer Qualifications

The minimum academic qualification to become a QA Engineer is a bachelor’s degree in software development, computer science or any IT/QA-related field.

QA engineers can start right away with no required extensive prior experience, although it is preferred to have some experience in QA or IT in general.

Here are some of the most common expected skills for QA Engineers:

Creativity: QA engineers are expected to be creative to produce innovative ways to enhance products and adjust to modern requirements and up the standards for QA.

Efficiency: What makes a great QA engineer is their ability to efficiently implement both manual and automated processes. They would write the best practices and avoid repeating errors. They also understand where different issues can happen in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and act only the correct ones.

Attention to details: Like most QA roles, A QA engineer falls no different when it comes to being accurate and detail oriented.

Being a QA Engineer can get you a chance to climb up the company hierarchy. Testing Engineers are heavily involved with so many aspects and gain experience in many fields.

To consider becoming a QA Engineer, you will have to first strengthen your knowledge in QA practices and gain extensive knowledge in programming languages. Though there is no coding taking place, one must be able to understand how systems work to be able to design and execute automated tests, scan codes for errors, and communicate with developers to ensure a swift flow of information.

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