What is The Global Star Rating System aka “7 Stars program”?

Global Star Rating System

What is The Global Star Rating System aka “7 Stars program”?

The United Arab Emirates is one pure example of thriving success. Over the years, the country has witnessed exponential growth across all fields and levels. In both Governmental and Private sections, the UAE has preserved a reputation of being a model of institutional excellence. A model that is truly worthy of following.

This level of quality is achieved only through constant diligence and utter devotion, among many values that reflect wisdom in leadership and ethical thinking.

This set of principles is portrayed clearly in what is called “The Global Star System for Services.” A prestigious ranking and service assessment system that empowers entities to enhance customer experience and service delivery across all channels.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the 7-star program and how we at Q-Pros align our criteria to fit with such top-quality models.

The Global Star Rating, Definition, and History

The Global Star Rating System for Services is a service assessment model that seeks to enable institutions to better their customer’s experience and services across all channels. The model intends to generate world-class services for all customers, upping the global standard for customer experience.

The 7 Stars Program was created to pave the way for both private and public sectors. It looks to ease and facilitate customer engagement and preserve top-quality services with time.

The Global Star Rating System (GSR) was launched by the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister in 2012, striving to increase the level of efficiency of government services.

When it began, 19 service centers were part of the scheme, and in 2014, only 2 years later, that number grew to 159 centers.

In the beginning, participation in the program was voluntary. The Emirati government would go about raising awareness programs and workshops to encourage entities to join. This would change later in 2015 when participation became obligatory for all government service centers.

Every two years, awards are given based on an evaluation of participating institutions.

“The government of the future needs to be hospitable like hotels and run 24/7 like airlines. All services need to be in one-stop shop”


The service delivery framework –

The Global Start Rating system consists of 8 pillars used for the assessment. These pillars are supported by 35 elements and 233 questions that are assessed based on Maturity level. The star system model maturity levels are:

  • Basic
  • Developing
  • Maturing
  • Leading

The Service framework consists of three main blocks:

  • Strategy (The Why) – The entity would set out service delivery goals based on objectives and priority.
  • Service delivery (The What) – This benefits the overall customer experience by defining the specifics of the service at hand, it also defines the channels and levels associated with the service.
  • Enablers (The How) – To achieve the desired level of quality of service, entities need to empower themselves with a proper supporting process, organizational culture, and human capabilities, as well as information management systems.

The Global Star Rating System (GSR) Focuses on 6 main Delivery Channels:

Customer Happiness Centers: Cost-efficient service delivery.

Digital Channels: Reaching a 7-star service satisfaction level on all access points, in-Person, Online, and via Phone.

Contact Centers: Setting out towards an Ideal customer experience through training customer service agents and achieving customer satisfaction.

Shared Service Center: Shared Service Centers are partnerships between different entities to achieve customer satisfaction by aligning the work and centralizing the access.

Smart Service Centers: A service provided by the government to provide services via smarter and technological means, this in return guarantees a more efficient experience to a wider range of customers/users.

Outsourced Service Centers: A partnership between both the public sector and the private sector to provide services for customers.

Our Role at Q-Pros

As a leading testing service provider and pioneer in the world of QA (Quality Assurance), we align our criteria and standards to guarantee our clients (Governmental and private) a 7-star rating.

We have worked and achieved such status with our clients in the UAE for years, and we plan to grow even bigger with our clients.

Quality Assurance and Software testing are key factors for both governmental and private entities’ success, ensuring bug-free and defect-free software is essential for standard quality.

Setting out to guarantee “World class services” the Global Star Rating system hopes to continue elevating the standard for customer experience on a global scale.

The regressive effort by the UAE government is paving the way for a more global movement to scale up customer services.